Dr. Bircher and his muesli

The story of Friend Oatwell® is directly linked with the life of a very unique person. This person is, of course,  none other than the “inventor” of Bircher muesli. Oats is a very important part of this world-famous speciality.

Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner was a doctor who, as far back as 1900, paid particular attention to the general health of people. He considered correct nutrition to be more important than pills and potions and thus developed a light, tasty, healthy evening meal.

This great idea was not the work of  Dr Bircher alone.  In this case, it was a lady who gave the doctor the idea. As Dr. Bircher was hiking in the mountains, he stopped off at a mountain hut where he was presented with a meal which he found particularly strange. He was uncertain whether he should  eat this mixture of raw, grated apple, oat flakes, nuts, lemon juice and sugared, condensed milk as a gesture of good manners? Or did the friendly Alpine dairymaid convince him that this muesli was the magic potion of the mountain farmers? One thing is certain, this raw meal so impressed the doctor from the low-lands that he started serving it at his sanatorium in Zurich. As a result Bircher muesli was “born” and oats waswere able to display its health-promoting effects.

It should not come as a surprise that the Zurich doctors scorned this meatless meal, particularly due to Dr. Bircher claims that his “apple-diet-meal” was healthier. Dr. Bircher, however, refused to disassociate himself from his belief,and was thus excluded from the noble society with the words: “Now, you have lost touch with scientific reality!”

Had Dr. Bircher’s critics been able to look into the future  lives of many people may have turned out differently. Today, there is certainly no reason not to trust the “secret recipe from back then”. Friend Oatwell® makes use of this knowledge in its high-fibre products which contain natural oat beta-glucan. Enjoy the Friend Oatwell® products with a milk product, nuts and fresh or dried fruit.