Friend Oatwell® questions and answers

What is Oatwell® oat beta-glucan?

Oatwell® is natural oat bran. Oatwell® contains high concentrations of valuable beta-glucans, soluble fibres, which are found naturally within oats. Oat beta-glucan affects blood cholesterol levels. More than 100 scientific studies have proven the positive effects of oat beta-glucan. These positive effects  of oat beta-glucan were first discovered in the 1960s and have been continually researched since.

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How does Oatwell® oat beta-glucan work?

The oat beta-glucan contained in Friend Oatwell® products – at least 1g per portion – stimulates the production of bile acids. Bile acids are composed of cholesterol. Circulating cholesterol is thus used up and  less cholesterol enters the blood stream. Friend Oatwell® products can be used as part of a healthy dietas a manner of naturally lowering a slightly raised blood cholesterol level.

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For whom are the Friend Oatwell® products suitable?

Friend Oatwell® products are suitable for the entire family and for all health-conscious people who want to positively influence their blood cholesterol level.

Which products contain the Oatwell® oat bran?

Contacter Friend Oatwell®

Friend Oatwell

Products with this label contain Oatwell® oat bran.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a natural part of our body. It is a fat-like substance which is largely produced by the body itself. There are 2 sources of cholesterol: 1) the liver, which produces around 1 gram of cholesterol per day and 2) the diet. Cholesterol is used to form cell membranes, important hormones, bile acid and vitamin D, which is important for the bones.

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To what extent does Oatwell® oat beta-glucan affect the LDL cholesterol level?

More than 100 scientific studies have been carried out and published in well-known scientific journals regarding the effect of oat beta-glucan on the cholesterol level in the blood. Studies regarding various foodstuffs (breakfast cereals, bread, cakes and pastries, drinks, pasta, snacks, etc.) have shown that beta-glucan can reduce the unwanted LDL cholesterol level by up to 10%. The HDL cholesterol level remains unaffected.

How does one recognise when the cholesterol level is too high?

There are no symptoms which accompany a high cholesterol level. The only manner of checking the cholesterol level is through a blood test. In South Africa, according to the South African National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey (SANHANES-1) conducted by the HSRC, 18.9 % of males and 28.1% of females have hypercholesterolaemia i.e. a total cholesterol level of at least 5.0 mmol/L.

How have the cholesterol-reducing effects of Oatwell® oat beta-glucan been proven?

More than 100 international studies have proven the positive effects of oat beta-glucan on a raised cholesterol level. Additionallty, internationally recognised associations such as the European Society of Cardiology or the European Food Safety Authority confirm the preventative advantages of oat beta-glucan on blood cholesterol levels. On 14 November 2011 the European Commission published its decision in favour of the health claims of oat beta-glucan. In order to demonstrably and significantly reduce the cholesterol level, the intake of 3g/day of oat beta-glucan is necessary over a period of two to three weeks. The numerous clinical studies with Oatwell® oat beta-glucan also confirm this positive effect.

What is a normal cholesterol level?

According to current recommendations, the total cholesterol level should not exceed 5.0 mmol/l. Methods of lowering blood cholesterol include a change in diet,lifestyle and activity levels and in some cases a medical intervention including cholesterol lowering medication. Total fat intake should not exceed 30% of the daily total calorie intake. Saturated fat intake should be limited. Additionally, the use of oat beta-glucan as an integral part of cholesterol management is scientifically recognised.

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How many Friend Oatwell® products should be consumed per day?

The cholesterol level can be reduced through the intake of the daily ration of 3g of oat beta-glucan. Each portion of Friend Oatwell® products contains at least 1g of beta-glucan and thus positively affects the cholesterol level. Oat beta-glucan is a naturally occurring dietary fibre contained in oats. Dietary fibres are valuable plant-based ingredients which should be part of every balanced diet.

How long does it take until the cholesterol level changes?

Daily intake of Friend Oatwell® products result in a  measurable reduction of the cholesterol level after just a few weeks. In order to achieve the best results, a regular intake over a longer period of time is recommended.

Can Friend Oatwell® products be used in combination with cholesterol-lowering medication?

You should consult your doctor before consuming cholesterol-reducing foodstuffs if you are taking drugs to lower your cholesterol level.

What happens when I stop eating Friend Oatwell® products?

The positive effects on the cholesterol level are only effective for as long as the products are consumed. If the Friend Oatwell® products are no longer consumed the positive effects on the cholesterol level disappear and the cholesterol levels returnto its original value.

Can I also eat Friend Oatwell® products when my cholesterol level is normal?

Yes – Friend Oatwell® products contain dietary fibres – such as oat beta-glucan – which play an important role in a balanced diet. The South African Guidelines for Healthy Eating recommend that everyone should have a fibre intake of at least 25g per day to ensure healthy functioning of the gut, as well as decreased risk for lifestyle associated chronic diseases.

What should I also pay attention to?

An increased cholesterol level is just one of the risk factors of coronary heart disease. The effects of beta-glucan on the cholesterol level can be supported through a balanced and varied diet, not smoking, sufficient exercise and bodyweight control. Lead a healthy lifestyle for the sake of your heart!